November 16, 2010

Speedy @ 34 Weeks

To our darling Speedy,

6 weeks to go!!! Goodness gracious! How time has flown!

You’ve certainly gotten a lot bigger in the last few weeks. Mummy feels like she’s running out of room, and her back can get quite sore if she’s standing up for too long, so Daddy has been busy telling her to sit down and take it easy. In fact, everyone else has been doing the same thing, and Mummy is starting to (finally) listen to everyone and is in fact taking it easy.

Everyone keeps telling Mummy that you’re a compact little baby, which is good. But you do wriggle a lot, and Daddy giggles more and more now because not only can he feel you wriggling and kicking, we can also see you moving around! You are an active little man, and we couldn’t be more pleased to know you have really earned your nickname, Master Speedy Wrigglesworth!

Daddy and Mummy have been busy packing up the apartment and getting ready to move into the big house. Daddy has been doing most of the work, with Mummy directing and supervising. Daddy is a good man, and is taking it all in good humour. We certainly hope you have Daddy’s calm temperament, and not Mummy’s fiery one!

Daddy and Mummy went to our last baby class last night, to learn all about taking care of you. The last 3 weeks have been all about what to expect with a new baby, how to feed a new baby, how to change a nappy, how to settle a new baby, and how to hold and wrap and carry a new baby. The classes were a lot of fun, and we now have new skills to take good care of you.

We’re almost ready to meet you, but not really just yet. Mummy has to work up to the week before you’re due to join us, so Daddy and Mummy would be very grateful if you could please be patient, and wait until after Christmas to join our family. Trust us when we say it’s a lot nicer inside Mummy’s belly than outside at that time of the year!

So stay well, little man. Please remember that we need you to stay in Mummy’s belly for a little while yet, but in the meantime, please keep up your exercises so we know you’re all right!

All our love,
Daddy & Mummy

Project New Home: It's Ours!!!

We apologise for the lack of updates, but we have been very very busy!

So without further ado, in case you weren't aware, Jonathan and I are now the proud new owners of our gorgeous new house!

Settlement took place last Friday (12 November) and we have been frantically busy getting everything ready for our big move on Friday this week (19 November)!

We were only given a week’s notice that settlement could be brought forward to 12 November. It appeared that the vendors were able to wrangle an earlier settlement on their newly purchased property, so everything else needed to be finalised straight away. Thankfully, our solicitor, our finance people and our bank were all ready and willing and everything was set.

As soon as we knew we could move, we set ourselves a moving date. Friday 19 November was decided to be the best, as this wasn’t a sleepover weekend, and I was already on an approved day off work. We immediately arranged for a quote from the removalists, who dropped by to see how much stuff we had. The quote was twice what I remembered it to be when I last moved 10 years ago. I guess it was to be expected to be a bit higher now!

Our packing cartons arrived late on Monday night, and we started packing a little bit at a time as we didn’t really have a lot of space to house all the boxes any way. Jonathan was scheduled to start early and finish early last week, so he was able to pack all the books and cull some stuff in the garage while I was at work. The idea of paying for someone to pack everything for us was a great one, but at an extra $700, we thought we’d do the work ourselves!

Jonathan and I went to the house last Thursday evening to conduct our final inspection, and to do some more measurements of the rooms before making a final decision on all the new pieces of furniture we were going to buy to fit out the house. We were so surprised to see how clean and tidy and orderly the vendors had left the place - everything was scrubbed clean and wiped down. It was such a lovely blessing.

Last Thursday night was also shopping night to some extent. Jonathan and I went and bought a new washing machine / dryer combo, and a new and much bigger fridge for the new house. Shiny new toys!!!

I hung by the phone from 2pm to await a phone call from our solicitor to notify us of settlement. The phone call finally came through at 2.30pm, and I immediately called Jonathan to let him know. We were both squeeing like little kids down the phone to each other!

On Saturday, Jonathan, Mina and I went to collect the keys from the real estate agent. It really was a momentous occasion to be handed the keys to our first home together. Once we had the keys, we raced to have a look at the now completely empty house and took some final measurements of what will be Mina’s room / Study / Guest Room, before heading to brave Ikea on a Saturday morning to buy all the furniture.

Ikea was amazingly quiet for a Saturday morning - no lines for anything! Mina was able to go straight into SmÃ¥land and play for an hour while Jonathan and I dashed around the store and looked for various items, and we even managed to load 2 big flat trolleys and a shopping trolley full of stuff before Mina’s hour of play time was up! All in all, we ended up with 27 boxes to be delivered, with the whole exercise costing a small fortune.

As we were leaving our details for delivery, the locksmith called and told us he was at the house, waiting for us to return so he could change our locks. As he was early, we asked him to return at a later time, which he very kindly agreed. We had no time to spare, so off we raced back to the house to wait for the locksmith to return, and also for the plumber and the electrician to drop by.

We needed the plumber to look at our leaking shower base, and the electrician to look at putting network cables through the whole house (and to hang Mina’s new chandelier lamp in her room). Everyone turned up on time, and were very quick getting their quotes done, so we were able to get away from the house at a reasonable time.

Next task was to drop into Macquarie Centre to get 4 full sets of keys cut and to look for a few things, like a new TV for our bedroom. This was always a “like to have”, not a “must have”, and with our darling friend Tristan working in his store on Saturday, we thought we’d pay him a visit and see if he was able to give us a good deal on a TV. And he did!

It was nearly 4.30pm by the time we got home, and as Mina had been so patient and wonderful throughout the day, and with Saturday being the stinking hot day that it was, we went down to the pool for our last swim as residents of the building. We played and splashed around for about 45 minutes, before heading back upstairs to shower and cook dinner.

Sunday morning was devoted to Mina’s swimming lesson, before a bit more shopping at Macquarie Centre, followed by an afternoon of waiting games at the new house for the Ikea furniture to be delivered. There was not much time left after the furniture delivery to do much else but to take Mina home, before heading over to my parents’ place for dinner and to take delivery of Speedy’s cot from Georgianna and Tim. Needless to say, not a lot of packing got done over the weekend!

With 3 days to go before we move, Jonathan has taken a couple of days off work to supervise the works that need to be completed at the new house. Today, the locksmith came to complete the job (which he wasn’t able to complete on Saturday as he didn’t have the correct door knob. The Ikea flat pack furniture specialists has been at the house for most of today to put together all the Ikea furniture.

A specialist who knows how to fix the problem in our shower dropped by to inspect and quote, and is now engaged to do the works tomorrow. The new washing machine / dryer comb and the fridge were to have been delivered today, but they will now arrive tomorrow. Much like the electrician, who was to have been at the house today, but due to the awful stormy weather yesterday afternoon, was unable to complete that job, and has now pushed us out to tomorrow. Poor Jonathan has to be at the house by 7am tomorrow to let everyone in!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (apartment), we are still in the process of packing, with the small kitchen appliances, pots and pans, “junk” drawer, baking stuff and most of our plasticware all but packed away, which filled 3 large boxes!!! Tonight, we’ll do the dishes and cups and breakables, and whatever else we can manage to put away in boxes.

We’re nearly there. Once we have moved into the new house, we will most certainly take plenty of photos and post them to show what we’ve done with the place!