May 1, 2011

Being Momma G: Day 121

Sean is 4 months old today!

Sean continues to amaze us with everything he does. He is such a good natured boy, who smiles and laughs and loves to play with people. Sean especially loves to smile at the ladies and then act coy, which makes the ladies melt and swoon and coo over him more. Such a cheeky little monkey.

The little man continues to grow stronger, and loves to stand up straight even more these days. Sean has been showing us that he wants to roll over by himself, but has yet to learn that having an arm in the way is hard to roll from his back to his tummy. Sean has almost rolled over by himself a number of times - once he learns to pin his arm flat against his side, then he'll be on his way.

Sean has become the biggest drool monster ever. We are pretty sure he's teething, as he has become the biggest fan of his hands and fingers, chewing on them at every opportunity. Jonathan and I have tried to help Sean out by putting our fingers in his mouth as chew toys, and are often surprised by how strong his bite is! We have nicknamed him Drooly McNeh, because he is full of drool and he makes this "Neh" sound when he's chattering to us. Sean is now going through at least 2 bibs a day with the incessant drooling.

This next month will hopefully see us introducing Sean to solids, and teaching him to sit up by himself.

Being a Sunday, Mina came to visit today. We didn't have a lot planned for today, and Mina really just wanted to hang out at our house, so we did. As Sean slept pretty well overnight, I was able to get up at a reasonable hour and not need a sleep in.

Jonathan had requested corned beef for dinner, so after breakfast, the corned beef went into the slow cooker and we were treated to the gorgeous aromas of the corned beef cooking all day.

Jonathan and Mina played computer games and PlayStation games for most of the day. We also watched some TV, but generally, we relaxed and chilled out at home.

Dinner was a big hit with Mina, who was trying corned beef for the first time. She liked it so much she asked for seconds! This was excellent news to us, as both Jonathan and I love corned beef, and we were now able to add this to the menu for when Mina came to visit.

Having behaved well for most of the day, Sean's last feed at 8.15pm was a good one. Not only did he suckle for a good amount of time, he also took 60mL of formula as a top up. Jonathan and I are both pretty tired, so we are going to have an early night. I wonder if tonight's the night that the little man will sleep through.

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